8 scoops of CNA Examination

CNA, abbreviated for Certified Nursing Assistant, is a job profile in which you give basic care for patients in your nursing facilities, hospitals and home-health settings. Their job is to work closely with nurses and other hospital medical staff to ensure the patient’s good health and a quick recovery. However,  there are a lot of facts related to CNA training which you might be unaware of.

Nursing assistants are an integral part of any hospital functionality. They not only ensure that the patients remain in perfect health, they also provide a hand in the hospital’s paperwork, deal with supervisors, etc. You can give a new life to a patient of any age. SO, if you’re one of those who feel that being a nursing assistant is not a very important job, then you might want to re-think of this statement.

To become a CNA, you need to possess the following qualities and abilities:

•    A high school diploma or equivalent

•    A clean criminal background

•    Being in good health

•    Having good English language skills

There’s no other option but to pass the exam if you want to see yourself in this field. No matter how many CNA training programs you’ve attended, if you want to be a CNA, you must pass this exam.

The CNA exam consists of two sections – a written or oral part and a hands-on skills’ section. The written segment comprises of 70 MCQ questions, and you’re given two hours to finish this section. The other part is specially made to measure your hands-on skills. It is conducted in a hospital or a nursing home. You’ll be given five tasks to perform in front of the examiner.

You must remember that in this field every single move is important. Though you will be asked to perform basic tasks such as checking temperature and taking blood pressure, you must also make sure that you don’t miss out even on the tiniest of things. For example, wearing non skid shoes is required. Violation of this rule will result in losing points.

During your CNA exam, you’ll be judged on two grounds, your knowledge and your ability to treat the patients. After all, knowledge would be of no use if your patient is not comfortable with you being around him/her.

Along with the level of comfort, you must understand the importance of your patient's safety. While being examined, make sure you don’t leave anything out. For instance,  brakes on the wheelchair before you load the patient into it, or ensuring that the railings of the bed are up before you leave the room.

Choosing a good certification program is essential. As a result, your school will help you getting  ready for your CNA training exam by providing you with personal coaching, practice exams, and guide books along with proper instructions.

These are the few things that you’d need in order to pass your CNA  exam successfully.


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